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A finished but transportable VOIP know-how consultant for networking and telecom pros.

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VOIP Technology Quick Guide

A complete but transportable VOIP expertise consultant for networking and telecom pros.

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By leveraging cooperative safety systems, the demand for existing autonomous active safety systems such as pre-crash systems (PCS) as well as the need for passive safety systems such as crumple zones and structure reinforcements would be reduced. Consequently, vehicle weights could be reduced, fuel efficiency could be increased, and emissions could be decreased. There are four principal benefits of communication-enabled cooperative safety applications over purely autonomous safety systems. Firstly, communication provides an unprecedented field of view and range.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute 2007 Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems – First Annual Report. Report Number DOT HS 810 842. VSC 2006 Vehicle Safety Communications Project – Final Report. DOT HS 810 591. Walker J 1992 Drive, Prometheus & GSM. Proceedings of the Mobile Radio Technology, Marketing and Management Conference, London, UK. Williams M 1988 PROMETHEUS – The European research programme for optimising the road transport system in Europe. IEE Colloquium on Driver Information, London, UK, pp.

CALM aims to support continuous communications for vehicles by making use of various media and communication interfaces. The project Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS, 2006–10) has a main focus on development and testing of vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and also follows the CALM standards. 11 WAVE-related interface that is denoted as M5 interface (for ‘Microwave 5 GHz’) within the CALM framework. Project SAFESPOT (2006–10) aims to design cooperative systems for road safety based on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.

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