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And whatsoever Distemper is offered to you, in which the Blood is corrupted by any Accident, this Magistery heals it, exhilarates the Heart, promotes Chastity and Honesty, and renders man apt and fit for everything he takes in hand. Triumphal Chariot Page 36 For all these Benefits to the Creator and Conserver of all Things, thanks is always to be given from the bottom of our Heart; because he hath with so great Compassion respected his Creatures, Infirm both in body and Mind, and supplied us with Means, by which the Diseases of either may be healed, and we in every necessity obtain solace, assistance and perfect Help.

And unto all men expose the Mystery, which the Ancient kept so holily, and might not reveal it, unless to the worthy Sons of Art only? Thou thy self wouldest bewail nothing more, and wouldest even execrate me, for doing so. They, who understand me, understand Art: and unto such as are Chymists, have I opened the way, which if they diligently travel in, they may arrive, where they desire to be. No man did ever so clearly reveal this to me; but by reading the Writings of Authors, strenuously labouring, and trusting in GOD without fainting or desperation (which is a most efficatious kind of Prayer) I at length attained to what I have.

Distilled Water extracts the Tincture from Sulphur, made of the Glass of Antimony by distilled Vinegar. But if in this Operation you persuade yourself you have separated the Pure from the Impure, you will be deceived: for this Water imbibes a certain Salt, which infects the Tincture; but Spirit of Wine rectified is its proper Menstruum: because That only assumes the volatile Sulphur thereof, and hath no Commerce with the Salt. The same happens in Tincture of Corals, which is extracted with Spirit of Wine distilled upon Orange Pills: for here you obtain not the sincere Tincture of Corals; because, by this Menstruum, the pure Sulphur is not separated from the Body of the Corals.

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