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The answer to this question is yes, which is why their presentation as analytical framework and explanatory approach is prefaced with some conceptual clarifications and cautionary remarks, asking the reader to suspend instant a priori judgments that this nomenclature may evoke. In contrast to such ideologically loaded concepts as democracy and nationalism, “systems” and “mechanisms” seem harmless enough, even if they are widely and ambiguously used in scientific and nonscientific discourses. The latter, however, are theoretically and philosophically loaded.

2). The italicized mechanisms under each of the three headings refer to the standard mechanisms identified or presupposed in neoliberal accounts of privatization. The major mechanism causing property transformation in this view is the collapse of communist regimes as forms of political and economic order, leaving a “clean slate” for the design and establishment of a market system based on private property. ) The major mechanism for property transformation is privatization, that is, the transfer of state and collective property into private property.

The twin concepts of system and mechanism are so central in modern science, whether natural, social, or biosocial, that their use has spawned a whole ontology, which I have called systemism. According to this view, everything in the universe is, was, or will be a system or a component of one. For instance, the electron that has just been knocked off an atom on 20 ● The Problem of Order the tip of my nose is about to be captured by a molecule in the air. Likewise, the prisoner who just escaped from the county jail is about to be either recaptured or absorbed by a family or a gang.

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