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Moon is less dense than the Earth as a as the rocks that overlie the Earth's can explain the Moon's low density formed and the that the earlv Earth two, the smaller fragment becoming the This was an attractive theory because the metal core. was Moon. if dense the Earth split into two Moon was spun off from the rockv material of its outer lavers. Unfortunately for this theory, the lunar rocks turned out to be very different from those of the Earth's surface: the Moon cannot be a lump of the Earth that has spun off into space.

Even the early from Pioneer Venus, however, showed three regions that stand out because thev are Beta Regio is much a pair higher than average. of volcanoes with summits 5,000 metres high that make (next to the black stripe) has them among been chosen as the zero of erupted from the centre of a sprawling svstem of cracks that stretches well longitude on Venus. bevond the volcanoes themselves. One of the Soviet landers the tallest on the planet. Thev are composed of lava that has settled VENUS on the • 41 -< This corona looks like a failed souffle a similar - and formed in way, as the centre of a giant volcanic collapsed.

FiR. -' £y ,, M . ;. s^SP r% •«&Sfe** - .. S'M it; kl^jL \ 3^ Third farthest from the Sun the Solar System. in many ing is the strangest planet an active world, combin- It is we find on of the most exciting features the other planets - volcanoes, erosion, hurricanes, an outsized to the only now know as a in The kev is. liquid home we've been able to put our in the past thirty years that our world continents, drifting living beings. and the other planets on the with features that are unique alone: Earth water and It is moon - context and hence learn how unusual — and On has been the exploration of space.

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