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By Richard H. Stratton, Kim Wozencraft

Comprises the screenplay to the movie, the poetry featured within the movie, and behind-the-scenes filmmaker's and actor's diaries telling the tale of the making of Slam, a film approximately city poverty and the redemptive energy of artwork.

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I explain who we are, the work we do and what we are hoping to do in n c. Ms. Moore is extremely responsive, especially when I talk about exploring what is happening to all the young black men moving through her system. We are surprised. We give her tapes of some of our other films, Gang War: Bangin' il1 Little Rock and Prisoners of the War on Drugs, and make plans 34 Slam D iaries for another meeting so she can introduce us to the wardens of the various prisons in the Lorton Correctional Complex.

And thus is my love: untainted eternal *** the wind is the moon's imagination wandering: it seeps through cracks explores the unknown and ripples the grass 56 S lam D iaries my love is my soul's imagination how do i love thee? imagine SHA CLACK CLACK i know you are but what am i? infinity if i could find the spot where truth echoes i would stand there and whisper memories of my children's future i would let their future dwell in the past so that i might live a brighter now now is essence of my domain but it contains all that was and will be and i am as i was and will be because i am and always will be that nigga i am that nigga i am that timeless nigga that swings on pendulums like vines though mines of booby-trapped minds that are enslaved by time I am the life that supersedes lifetimes 1 am it was me with serpentine hair that with a timeless stare turned mortal fear into stone time capsules they still exist as the walking dead as i do: the original suffer-head symbol of life and matriachy's severed head Medusa, i am 57 Slam it was me the ecclesiastical one that pointed out that nothing was new under the sun and through times of laughter and times of fear saw that no time was real time 'cause all times were fear the wise seer Solomon, i am it was me with tattered clothes that made you scatter as you shuffied past me on the street yes, you shuffied past me on the street as i stood there conversing with wind-blown spirits and i fear it's your loss that you didn't stop and talk to me i could have told you your past as i explained your present but instead i'm the homeless schizophrenic that you resent for being aimless the intuned nameless, i am i am that nigga i am that nigga i am that nigga i am a negro negro from necro, meaning death i overcame it so they named me after it and i be spittin' at death from behind and putting "kick me" signs on its back because i am not the son of sha clack clack i am before that i am before i am before before 58 Slam D iaries before death is eternity after death is eternity there is no death there is only eternity and i be riding on the wings of eternity like: yah!

Scary. But that's another movie. " But something was telling me I had to-that there would be somebody there I had to meet. Following those little crumbs of intuition has never led me astray. In the past, they have prevented me from getting hurt, busted or killed. They've given me a daughter who saved my life. And they led to the dreams I now live. I had come a long way toward recapturing myself and defining my purpose. I had come a long way from being the eight-year-old who lost all her dreams because what was in her heart was so far from the reality she was living in the projects of Newport News,Virginia.

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