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By Mark V. Pauly

The authors chronicle alterations in U.S. attitudes approximately well-being care and look at coverage trade-offs and difficulties of a tax credit/voucher procedure to finance medical health insurance.

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Responsible Tax Credits for Health Insurance

The authors chronicle alterations in U. S. attitudes approximately healthiness care and look at coverage trade-offs and difficulties of a tax credit/voucher method to finance medical insurance.

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In contrast, large credits for the lower-income would equip them with earmarked purchasing power so that they joined higherincome people in having access to the best medical services. Affordability and Need A phased, income-related credit would require society to determine at what income levels the credit should phase down and by how much. The determination would depend on how much assistance people needed to buy insurance. No exact definition of need exists. No equation can unequivocally tell us how much individuals at different levels should pay for health insurance and how much should be offset by a credit.

Lott, Jr. Heller Professor of Political Science Institute of Government Studies University of California, Berkeley Resident Scholar Resident Scholar J. Michael Finger Randall Lutter George L. Priest Resident Fellow Resident Scholar John M. Olin Professor of Law and Economics Yale Law School Gerald R. Ford John H. Makin Jeremy Rabkin Murray F. Foss Professor of Government Cornell University Distinguished Fellow Visiting Scholar Harold Furchtgott-Roth Murray L.

But the federal government should not attempt to define qualified coverage. The decision should be left to the states; if coverage could be bought in a state, the credit could be used for it. States might take different regulatory approaches. Some policy analysts or advocates might attempt to define a basic policy. The attempt would inevitably lead to regulation, rigidities, political pressure by providers and disease groups to be included, and thus the politicization of health care. The process would remove diversity and flexibility in both the insurance and the health care delivery market.

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