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За последние 10 лет книга Oracle PL/SQL Programming издательства O'Reilly's стала бестселлером среди книг по PL/SQL, процедурному языку базы данных Oracle. Снабженная примерами и полезными рекомендациями книнга является незаменимой как новичкам, так и гуру, как разработчикам на Oracle kinds, так и администраторам - используйте PL/SQL на полную мощь.

Четвертое издание значительно обновлено и расширено, покрывая теперь описание самой последней версии Oracle Database 10g liberate 2. Она описывает такие новые возможности как PL/SQL optimizing compiler, conditional compilation, compile-time warnings, normal expressions, set operators for nested tables, nonsequential collections in FORALL, the programmer-defined quoting mechanism, the facility to backtrace an exception to a line quantity, numerous new integrated applications, and help for IEEE 754 compliant floating-point numbers.

(Извините, но дальше переводить анотацию не имеет смысла. Кто захочет прочитать книгу, тому и не столько придется читать на английском. Хотя можно и не читать конечно, а только примеры смотреть.)

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We have seen regular expression implementations in other database products, and typically such implementations don't extend beyond the ability to use regular expressions for searching, such as in the LIKE predicate of a SQL SELECT statement. Oracle lets us do more than just search, and we expect to see many creative solutions involving these new regular expression features. 9 Programmer-defined quoting mechanism Starting with Oracle Database 10g Release 1, you can define your own quoting mechanism for string literals in both SQL and PL/SQL.

And the screen can, in fact, function just the way the user wants it to. And although each product has its limitations, strengths, and weaknesses, you should never have to wait for the next version. Isn't it so much more satisfying to be able to tell your therapist that you tackled the problem head-on, accepted no excuses, and crafted a solution? How do you do this? Break out of the confines of your hardened views and take a fresh look at the world (or maybe just your cubicle). Reassess the programming habits you've developed.

The default external editors that Oracle assumes are: • ed for Unix, Linux, and relatives • Notepad For Microsoft Windows variants Part I: Programming in PL/SQL 57 58 Part I: Programming in PL/SQL Although the selection of default editors is actually hardcoded into the sqlplus executable file, you can easily change the current editor by assigning your own value to the SQL*Plus _EDITOR variable. Here's an example that I frequently use: SQL> DEFINE _EDITOR = /bin/vi where /bin/vi is the full path to an editor that's popular among a handful of strange people.

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