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By Jie Jack Li

The 3rd variation includes significant advancements over the former variation. as well as up-to-date references, every one response is now supplemented with to 3 consultant examples in synthesis to show off its man made application. Biographical sketches for the chemists who found or built these identify reactions were integrated. Furthemore, the topic index is considerably increased.

Different from different books on identify reactions in natural chemistry, Name Reactions, a set of designated response Mechanisms focuses on their mechanisms. It covers over three hundred classical in addition to modern identify reactions. each one response is delineated by way of its specific step by step, electron-pushing mechanism, supplemented with the unique and the newest references, particularly evaluate articles. hence, it's not merely an integral source for senior undergraduate and graduate scholars for studying and assessments, but in addition an outstanding reference ebook for all chemists attracted to identify reactions.

Some compliment for the former edition:

"This is a wonderful publication for arrow pushing and studying natural identify reactions as encountered in graduate university . . . Li’s booklet includes reactions of all mechanistic sessions . . . The ebook is properly balanced, containing modern day reactions for meeting of stereocomplex molecules. Reactions similar to the Corey-Bakshi-Shibata aid are analyzed. This e-book is an effective reference textual content that fills a void that has existed for it slow. it truly is either a superb device for studying and an excellent reference source."


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Baeyer’s other claim of fame is his synthesis of barbituric acid, named after his girlfriend, Barbara. Baeyer’s real joy was in his laboratory and he deplored any outside work that took him away from his bench. ” As a scientist, Baeyer was free of vanity. Unlike other scholastic masters of his time (Liebig for instance), he was always ready to acknowledge ungrudgingly the merits of others. Baeyer’s famous greenish-black hat was a part of his perpetual wardrobe and he had a ritual of tipping his hat when he admired novel compounds.

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