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For these reasons, from the very beginning, auxologists have tried to estimate the growth velocity and have worked with that rather than with the distance curve. 2 Distance, velocity and acceleration curves for standing height. From a triple logistic fit to Montbeillard’s son’s stature data. The horizontal dashed line indicates the zero level for the acceleration. r High growth velocity just after birth, rapidly decreasing. The period from (or just before) birth to two years deserves an in-depth analysis, for which, however, narrowly spaced data are scarce.

B. Allison, pp. 119–48. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Todd, T. W. (1937). Atlas of Skeletal Maturation. St Louis, MO: Mosby. van Wieringen, J. C. (1971). Growth Diagrams 1965 Netherlands: Second National Survey on 0–24-Year-Olds. Groningen, The Netherlands: Wolters-Noordhoff. Wilson, D. , Killen, J. , et al. (1994). Timing and rate of sexual maturation and the onset of cigarette and alcohol use among teenage girls. Archives of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 148, 789–95. Wolff, O. H.

E. velocities standardized with respect to adult size, introduced by Gasser et al. (1991a) and used extensively in Sheehy et al. (1999) facilitate the comparison of growth across body dimensions, gender and subgroups of subjects. The parameters APHV, AMHV, etc. g. their relation to certain endocrinological events, remains to be established. When drawing inferences about their biological relevance, for example in relation to gender differences or their correlation to developmental parameters, The human growth curve 35 the researcher must be aware that many steps in the analysis involve considerable statistical uncertainty, due to substantial measurement errors and large withinindividual variability.

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