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By Ralph Waldo Trine

1936. Contents: Time, position, want, the guy; Getting this, you could have all; Love and gear of existence; Days within the little carpenter's store; He known as it "The Way"; recognize that every one is easily; terrific educating of sin; i'm a guy as you're; Sons of fellows dwelling as sons of God; resource of His genius; wealthy towards God; significant friendship with the twelve; access to Jerusalem, to die; He teaches the good fact; while a courageous guy chooses demise; Bigotry in worry condemns and kills; different helpers of the Way-Shower; lookup and drop that load; artistic strength of religion and braveness; How His fact began and have become distorted; fact that needs to store Christianity.

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Exhausting the skill of doctors and specialists and sanatoriums, even in the summer weather he was encased in three suits of underclothing and an overcoat, moving here and there in his wheel-chair. One day in conversing with a friend, he was told of a little woman in the same city who had accomplished some remarkable things in the realm of healing. He was seized with a strong conviction, and had himself wheeled to her little cottage. Describing his condition, and his futile efforts in regaining his health, he told her that he had come to stay with her.

This he did in simple common language by showing them primarily that there was nothing to be afraid of — nothing except their doubts and their fears. But how? how? — as is the cry of common men today — How? How? He proclaimed and taught this on that opening day of his ministry: through the gift of the truth, the truth that had been revealed to him, and that he longed to reveal to others; the truth that, if they would but believe him, would become the veritable gift of God to them. ’ Repent — turn, and believe the gospel — the good news.

And when through the truth that he taught and the works that he did, his fame spread far and wide, and he began to be looked upon as the leader, the deliverer, the Messiah for whom they had long and intently been waiting, he went out of his way to make it plain, time and time again, that his message was a spiritual message, that the Kingdom of God he was showing them was a spiritual and not a material kingdom. He never succumbed, and never had the slightest inclination to succumb, to the dream of grandeur which before and since afflicted so many able but lesser minds.

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