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The aim of the e-book is to supply an up to date evaluate of the suitable points of ferrites, which hide a variety of magnetic homes and purposes comparable to high-frequency transformer cores, everlasting magnet cements, microwave telecommunication units, magnetic recording media and heads. the writer takes an interdisciplinary method of describe the constitution, practise ideas, magnetic houses, and functions of iron-based oxides; steel magnetic fabrics also are coated extensive

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0 9. 193. 8 Nitrogen-centered radicals M’ WP,,,) ‘) g = 4/3 assumed in conversion of units. / add. Ref. 002 ml UV-irr. 0004 (2) 2t4N* . 372 . 2t5N* . 522 . 8; 85Rol Lack of axial symmetry believed due to unsymmetrical libratory motion of the radical. Doppler-tuned laser fluorescence spectroscopy. Assumed in conversion of units. Doppler-tuned laser-induced fluorescence. Assumed in conversion of hf interaction. Tentative identification, possibly same species as reported in [76Shl]. / add. Ref. 2 (1) (continued) ) g-values taken from [76Hil].

Ref. / add. Ref. 30 82Edl :AgNO,] * NO; - . / SF, : N,O, I 2S) Re-analysis of previous data [73RuI], allowing for “‘N quadrupolar interaction. 16) Slightly, but significantly different ‘OF hf interaction observed for lSNF,O. 411 219F-. / add. Ref. 31 31gF: 314. ,I. 12 -38. 44 . 6”Si. 173 84Spl 85Bal SW) “TSi\ ‘i’\ WWI ’ H,N-BH2 y-irr. / add. Ref. 13 2l*N* . 079 . 2 Ref. p. 1861 Land&-B&n&n New Series Ii/17a WZ 2 PM0 B ‘0 :

Ref. 0071 231P. 2 . 9 2 . 3 2 . 18 14N: -0 2. -0 -9. 2. / add. Ref. , (continued) 2o1 H hfs for “‘NH+ 2’) H hfs for 15NH:‘: **) Temperature dependence studied over the range 140 . 300 K. 70 (5). / (NH4)2ZnW4)2 6H,O:V02+ g-Factor EPR/ 25 . / add. Ref. 79 (5). 47 78Ma3 occurring/ I _, *“) Isotropic g assumed. 11, M = Rb; dependence on x for both Rb and Cs slight. / add. Ref. 94 619F*. 083 . 2i3c. 0050 3l3C. 149. / add. Ref. / add. Ref. 30 82Edl :AgNO,] * NO; - . / SF, : N,O, I 2S) Re-analysis of previous data [73RuI], allowing for “‘N quadrupolar interaction.

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