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Set millions of years after the doom of the traditional international, humans stay in a brand new darkish age; they milk their cows, plow their fields and are available dusk, provide prayers to the All-Seeing. yet whereas their lives could appear basic, between them stroll the Angelions, immortals that experience saved the darkish expertise of the 1st Age alive and hidden. for 2 thousand years, those silent ghosts have watched over the mortal lots from the shadows, utilizing forbidden crafts to bless the virtuous with lengthy lifestyles and gift the malicious with speedy loss of life. Lesser colors of Evil is a science-fantasy roleplaying video game set during this darkish destiny - that of 1 robust family's goals.

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Chapter Two Game Mechanics CHAPTER TWO GAME MECHANICS The Ascent system Game mechanics help the GM determine what happens in the game. They are meant as an accessory, never as a replacement for the GM's good judgment. The Ascent system is the set of game mechanics we propose for Lesser Shades of Eviltm, because it allows for a high level of roleplaying possibility; the players themselves decide what type and what number of dice to roll. They can either be conservative and roll a combination of dice that almost guarantees success (but an assuredly unremarkable one), or go with another dice combination that makes success less certain, but a spectacular success -or failure- more likely.

It was. What does an Angelion look like? Corvus looked at Red Lotus, marveling at her emerald-colored body fully eight feet tall, scaly and muscled. "I bring you your father, oh Lord. I bring you Ambrose! " She spoke with a raucous voice, but her excitement was obvious. Her hand uncurled its clawed fingers, unveiling a small golden orb. Corvus felt his body tingle, and his palms grow itchy with wetness. " Said he, a predatory glint in his eyes. " He clutched the essence of his father, and traced his index upon its golden surface.

Example: a Fellkin approaches the docks of Orcanager, intent on boarding one of its sea vessels and redirecting it towards the Fell Kingdoms.

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