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By John Benington, Jean Hartley

Writing, suggestion and coaching on management is starting to be at a lively expense with a variety of frameworks now competing for realization. Having a transparent feel of which management principles and practices are rooted in sound concept and convincing facts, and that are extra speculative, is essential for healthcare leaders. This ebook presents a coherent set of six lenses wherein to scrutinise the management literature proper to healthcare - management ideas, features, contexts, demanding situations, functions and effects. It bargains a view of management past the conventional specialise in the person, and argues in its place that management needs to be understood and constructed as a fancy set of practices by means of many folks inside of particular organisational and inter-organisational contexts and cultures. This framework is very worthwhile within the hugely dynamic and altering context of the general public and voluntary sectors mostly, and of the NHS and the sphere of healthcare particularly. "Leadership for Healthcare" can be worthwhile not just to people who have a proper or casual management place in a healthcare association, but additionally to these in executive, schooling, housing, rest providers, the police, fireplace prone and the voluntary quarter.

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Leadership through influence requires the cultivation of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, among other things. • ‘Followers’ have a responsibility to think about how they can influence and support, if appropriate, the formal leader in the group’s tasks. • In practice, leadership may have elements of all three of the concepts of person, position and process in various combinations. • The concept of leadership also shapes how leadership development is viewed. A focus on the individual will mean particular emphasis on selecting and developing individuals.

Chapter 1 outlined some of the pressures on health organisations and health economies of changes in health needs, public expectations, financial provision and so on. For example, increased consumer expectations alongside medical-technological advances and an ageing population have put increasing pressure on scarce resources for healthcare. The importance of preventative strategies and the promotion of health rather than expanding remedial responses to sickness is prompting new ways of thinking about healthcare provision in the UK.

48 Copyrighted material The contexts of leadership Policy and practice implications: • A key prerequisite for effective leadership is the need to understand the contexts in which leadership is exercised. Policy-makers, managers and professionals may find it helpful to think in terms of the three layers of context that are outlined here: the national public policy context; the regional and local strategic context, including partnerships; and the internal organisational context. • These are not discrete levels but interact with each other in complex ways.

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