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By Lindsey Davis

The spirit of event calls Falco on a brand new spying undertaking to the untamed East looking for the Emperor Vespasian . He's deciding upon up additional charges from his previous pal Thalia the snake dancer as he searches for Sophrona, her misplaced water organist. With the executive secret agent Anacrites paying his fare, Falco understands whatever can move wrong.

A harmful brush with the Brother, the sinister ruler of Nabataean Petra, sends Falco and his female friend Helena on a quick camel trip to Syria. the following they subscribe to a touring theatre crew, which retains wasting individuals in nonaccidental drownings. The undesirable appearing and negative audiences are virtually as undesirable because the barren region and its scorpions-then because the killer hovers, Falco attempts to jot down a play...

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