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What’s a ‘Swipe, Downrock or Scribble Foot’? Who was once Rubberband guy and what did he give a contribution to the ‘Uprocking’ type of city Dance? From the surface having a look in, city Dance and tradition can look like a major secret, however the basically factor you must recognize to liberate the secret is KNOWLEDGE.

KNOWLEDGE: The city Skillz Dictionary is packed filled with factors, definitions, heritage info and easy methods to aid deliver the unimaginable all the way down to flooring point and assist you to appreciate what city Dance is actually all about.

KNOWLEDGE is a compilation designed for lecturers and scholars of city dance. even if you’re simply beginning your city Dance trip, or already be aware of loads of strikes yet don’t particularly comprehend the place all of them got here from, wisdom: The city Skillz Dictionary is for you.

Don’t simply examine the stairs, examine what lies in the back of them. Here’s the KNOWLEDGE!

Note: a few video clips associated with youtube will not be on hand in a few international locations simply because useful rights aren't granted.

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Liquid dancing An illusionary dance style that focuses on flowing and continuous liquid-like motions, with concentration on the fingers, hands and arms. It is stylistically connected to – and often mixed with – waving. Liquid dancing is common in rave culture, and some dancers consider it a complete style of its own. Miming Performing techniques of traditional miming to the beat of a song. Most commonly practiced are various movements with the hands as if one could hold onto air and pull their body in any possibly direction.

Typical movement combinations often bear the names from cartons, which again underlines the expression and the intention of the dance. Thus, there are descriptions such as ‘Skeeter Rabbitt’, ‘Scooby Doo’, ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Uncle Sam’. ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE First Locker There is no debating: ‘Don Campbell’ Where did the name locking come from? The word locking was created by Don, it describes the action that a locker does when the y lock ever position. ’ – OLD FRENCH SAYING – 55 56 STYLES AND BASICS Bopping Cobra Crazy legs Dime stopping Fast forward Floating, Gliding, Sliding Fresno Liquid dance Miming Old man Puppet Robot/botting Scarecrow Slowmotion Strobing Ticking Toyman Tuttimg/King tut Fingertutting Vibrating Waving Filmore Style Spotting Cattapila Style Animation Animatronics Puppet Boog Style Saccin Those are some Basics/Styles, now there are many more and there is no number to tell how many they are!

Movement forms. This notion finally gained acceptance worldwide as a generic term. A decisive part in the fast extension worldwide was the first documentation of the ABC-News on the performance of the Rock Steady Crew at the Lincoln Centre and above all Charlie Ahean’s film Wild Style, which was only possible by a knock-on financing of the ZDF. Wild Style already documents the fusion of the dancing styles of East and West Coast in the New York of 1981/1982 (dancer: Rock Steady Crew). BREAKING/B-BOYING COMPRISES VARIOUS ELEMENTS: Toprocking Describes dancing when standing.

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