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By James Lowder

At the fabled international of Krynn, Lord Soth eventually learns that there's a rate to pay for his lengthy background of evil deeds, a value even an undead warrior may well locate horrifying.

Dark powers delivery Soth to Barovia, and there the dying knight needs to face the dread minions of count number Strahn Von Zarovich, the vampire lord of the nightmare land. yet with just a captive Vistani lady and an untrustworthy ghost for allies, Lord Soth quickly discovers that he can have to affix forces with the strong vampire if he's ever to flee the area of terror.

Knight of the Black Rose is the second one in an open-ended sequence of Gothic horror stories facing the masters and monsters of the Ravenloft dark fable setting.

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Taniel asked. “Yes. ” Taniel asked. “Most of the company. ” Taniel let out a sigh of relief. Milgi went on. “I was looking for you when these three caught me unawares. ” The girl found one of the soldier’s powder horns. She popped it open, checking the powder, then resealed it and tossed it to Taniel. Taniel caught it with one hand. ” 30 “I can,” Milgi said. “Excellent. ” Taniel took the best of the three muskets and fixed the bayonet. He preferred rifles—they were more accurate at the range that made powder mages so deadly, and the straighter he shot, the less work he had to do to float the bullet.

He thought of Dina, and the look of surprise on her face as Privileged fire cut her in half. He thought of Dina’s husband and children, who would never even see her body. And he could never forget that it had been a Kez Privileged who, long ago, had presented his family with his mother’s head in a box. The crack of the musket startled him, as he had barely felt his finger pull the trigger. An expanding cloud of black smoke rose overhead, filling his nostrils with sulfur. He counted silently, burning the extra powder in his powder horn to keep the bullet floating far longer than any regular musket ball.

She has no fear,” Milgi said. ” 33 Ka-poel narrowed her eyes at Milgi, and the man took half a step back. “I don’t have time for fear right now,” Taniel said. ” He could have sworn that Ka-poel’s green eyes twinkled at that. “I need to come out of the swamp either north or south of Gladeside. ” Ka-poel listened, her brow furrowed, then gave a short nod. She led them back the way they had come, leaving Milgi behind. The water was still, the day windless, and Taniel spoke to try and forget the pain in his side.

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