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The Kapauku dialects of this dictionary are spoken by way of nearly 35,000 humans calling themselves Me, and their language Me Mana, within the Wisselmeren region within the severe western component of the Nassau Mountains of Netherlands New Guinea. This dictionary includes nearly 2000 Kapauku root phrases, with a few idioms and deriva tives. the writer is engaged in paintings with the language and Bible translation less than the Christian and Missionary Alliance, having lived on the govt and venture headquarters village of Enarotali for 9 years. components of speech are pointed out as folIows: Verbs lead to -ei, -ou, -ii, or -ai. -ai verbs are by means of both -i or -a, which exhibits the 1st stern. the 1st stern therefore provided, the verbs should be inflected in keeping with the principles of inflection of Kapauku verbs, as defined in 1 the grammar. fake verbs are through the inflectible auxiliary tai, kai, gai, or extra now and again, pai or atii. Postpositives are indicated with 'pp' following and the remainder are substantives or attributives accord ing to their use. Syllables with an accessory mark have a better pitch. lengthy vowels and diphthongs have be aware tension and float down except marked excessive. Dialect modifications among Lakes Paniai and Tigi are indicated the place identified with (P) or (T) following. An rare (E) shows the dialect east of Enarotali. to prevent confusion the (E) preliminary i8 retained within the Malay and Dutch sections.

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MaueT), gekaibo(P), sebangsa kuskus dIrn pohon2 ; ratachtig dier, dat in holle bornen leeft; a kind of rat·like animal, lives in hollow trees. maumai-i, roboh, rebah; vallen, als omgehakte bornen; to fall, as of chopped trees. maumi, kapak batu; stenen bijl; stone axe head. mawajawü, menjangkal; ontkennen; to deny. me, orang, manusia, Kapauku; mens, per· soon, Kapauku; person, mankind, Ka· pauku. me jokaija, me turnaija, manusia; de mensheid; mankind. me anii, nanah dIrn mata jg sakit; witte etter in zere ogen; white matter in sore eyes.

Ebe puu tai, tiup; blazen; blow through mouth. ba puu tat, kentut; een wind laten; to break wind. puugee(P), punee(T), remah2 , sisa2 ; kruimels, restjes; crumbs, bits. 42 KAPAUKU - MALAYAN - puumal-l, mendjahit; naaien, verstellen; to sew, mend. puupugija, sebangsa binatang; soort in· sect; a buzzy bug.

Voorvoegsel aan werkwoorden; 1st person benefactive prefix to verbs. naabedau, sebangsa ubi; soort bataat; a kind of sweet potato. naago, hari; dag; day. jai(T), paman, sdr laki2 ibu; oom (broer van moeder); cross uncle. naapo, sajur 2 an jg ditanam; gecultiveerde groene groenten; cultivated green vegetables. nagi(P), eke(T), pohon nibung; soort palmboom, oncosperma; a palm tree, oncosperma. nai-o, makan, minum; eten, drinken, verteren (als vuur); to eat, drink, consume (as firel. naidi(P), igapu(T), lapar, haus; hongerig, dorstig; hungry, thirsty.

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