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By P. A. Brunt

This learn of the dimensions of the Italian inhabitants from 225 B.C. to A.D. 14 attracts on early Roman census figures and every year estimates of the variety of males less than palms to evaluate the character of Italian emigration, the results of wars and land settlements within the peninsula, and the economic climate of Cisalpine Gaul and different areas.

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But its credibility is shaken by the fact that no comparable accretion is recorded between 293 and 264; the number goes up by only 115 per cent, in a period when the extent of Roman territory nearly doubled; the losses to Latin colonies were less and the effects of the creation of 2 more new tribes in 299 and of viritane distributions in the Sabine country c. 290 should have become apparent. Moreover in 290 the Sabines and some other peoples received half-citizenship; probably the Sabines were fully enfranchised in 264 (p.

1 have been seriated by the prevkraa researches of T. IUM Holmes on the lata Republic end of A. von Donnesewtki end W. Schmttthenner on the triumvirs! armies. ta INTRODUCTION the population of Republican Italy, as the only one which can at least enable us to determine whether that population numbered some 14 millions or only 7 or 8. The word 'probable', or similar expressions, will appear in these pages with distressing frequency. On some occasions one cannot even venture to claim that a proposition is more than possibly true.

Populated than Roman territory in general and (6) that the older Roman population was stationary. 1 The whole sequence of census figures from 339 could then be accepted, if those dated to 339 and 293 are placed respectively after the enfranchisement of Latins and Campanians, traditionally dated to 338, and of Sabines, etc, traditionally dated to 290. But doubt must persist whether these violations of traditional chronology are justified. No records should be more secure in early Roman history than the dates of magisterial offices, including the censorships, or of major events such as the mass enfranchisement of other Italian peoples; the transmission of census figures seems leas likely to be reliable.

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