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By H. Elsässer, H. Fechtig

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Read or Download Interplanetary Dust and Zodiacal Light: Proceedings of the IAU-Colloquium No. 31, Heidelberg, June 10-13, 1975 PDF

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47) thus implying that the vector with components dxi is also tangent to an absolute-vorticity line. This concludes the proof. By virtue of Eqs. 47), we also note that the ratio ω/ρ is proportional to the length of a line element along an absolute-vorticity line. This is known as vortex line stretching or shrinking. In summary, we have shown that the absolute-vorticity lines move with the fluid in the absence of baroclinicity and friction. However, although one can also construct lines of relative vorticity, it is only the absolute-vorticity lines that may remain coincident with material lines.

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