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By Jr., Cleveland Hickman, Susan Keen, Allan Larson, David Eisenhour

This long-awaited revision gives you to keep up the simplest gains of the "classic" zoology textual content, whereas including 8 new specialist individuals and a wealth of latest know-how choices!

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Production of a Figure 2-4 These three hexoses are the most common monosaccharides. qxd 5/28/00 7:56 AM Page 25 CHAPTER 2 CH2OH CH2OH O Stearic acid (3 mol) C 17 H 35 CO OH O OH OH HO HO OH OH OH OH Glucose Glucose Glycerol (1 mol) H O—CH 2 Stearin (1 mol) C 17 H 35 COO—CH 2 C 17 H 35 CO OH + H O—CH C 17 H 35 COO—CH + 3H 2 O C 17 H 35 CO OH C 17 H 35 COO—CH 2 H O—CH 2 A CH2OH O CH2OH O CH 2 —O—C—(CH 2 ) 12 —CH 3 O O H 3 C—(CH 2 ) 14 —C—O— C—H OH OH HO 25 The Origin and Chemistry of Life O OH OH CH 2 —O—C—(CH 2 ) 16 —CH 3 OH Maltose O B Figure 2-6 Figure 2-5 Neutral fats.

This is the basic theory of evolution on which the others are based. It states that the living world is neither constant nor perpetually cycling, but is always changing. The properties of organisms undergo transformation across generations throughout time. This theory originated in antiquity but did not gain widespread acceptance until Darwin advocated it in the context of his other four theories. “Perpetual change” is documented by the fossil record, which clearly refutes creationists’ claims for a recent origin of all living forms.

Most triglycerides contain two or three different fatty acids attached to glycerol, and bear ponderous names such as myristoyl stearoyl glycerol (Figure 2-6B).

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