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The Inorganic Syntheses sequence presents inorganic chemists with specific and foolproof methods for the coaching of vital and well timed compounds. quantity 33 contains provocative contributions on syntheses of chosen supramolecules, helpful reagents/ligands, stable nation materials/clusters, and different compounds of common curiosity. content material: INORGANIC SYNTHESES quantity 33 PREFACE discover TO individuals AND CHECKERS poisonous ingredients AND LABORATORY dangers CONTENTS bankruptcy One SYNTHESES OF chosen SUPRAMOLECULES. summary: The Inorganic Syntheses sequence presents inorganic chemists with specific and foolproof systems for the training of significant and well timed compounds. quantity 33 comprises provocative contributions on syntheses of chosen supramolecules, necessary reagents/ligands, stable country materials/clusters, and different compounds of basic curiosity

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3. DODECATUNGSTOALUMINIC ACID AND ITS MONOLACUNARY AND MIXED-ADDENDUM DERIVATIVES Submitted by JENNIFER J. COWAN,* CRAIG L. HILL,* RICHARD S. REINER,y and IRA A. 1,2 * Department of Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322. , Madison, WI 53705. , Urbana, IL 61801. y 3. 3 In light of the increasing drive toward more environmentally benign chemical systems, it would be advantageous to develop POMs that are stable in water over a wider range of pH values. 8–11 This contribution details a new, high-yield route to H5[A1W12O40].

A nitrogen-flushed apparatus is set up (Fig. 1) and used as follows. 29 mmol) of 2,3-dpp, 5 mL of deaerated 95% ethanol, and a stirring bar. 19 mmol) of Ru(bpy)2Cl2 Á 2H2O and 15 mL of deaerated 95% ethanol. The flask is placed in an oil bath on a stirrer/ hotplate, and the stirred ethanolic suspension of 2,3-dpp is heated to reflux. The ethanolic suspension of Ru(bpy)2Cl2 Á 2H2O, stirred by means of the nitrogen flow, is then dropwise added (in $ 1 h) to the refluxing solution of the ligand. The sparging needle may also be used to prevent funnel clogging.

7 g). Overall yields from 1,2,4,5-tetraaminobenzene-tetrahydrochloride are typically 60–70%. Anal. Calcd. 55%. Properties H8(t-HMPA-B) is a white powder that is very insoluble in most solvents except hot CH3OH, likely attributable to the presence of an extensive hydrogen bonding network. It is slightly soluble in DMSO. 2 (s, 24H, CCH3). IR (Nujol)  (cm À1) ¼ 3449, 3305, 3219 (OH alcohol, NH amide), 1656, 1630 (amide). 3 (s, 24H). IR (KBr disk)  (cm À1) ¼ 3447, 3307, 3223, 1655, 1629. C. BISTETRAPHENYLPHOSPHONIUM-DI-COBALT(III)-j4:j4[1,2,4,5-TETRAKIS(2-OXY-2-METHYLPROPANAMIDO) 4 4 BENZENE] {[PPh4]2[CoIII 2 (j :j -t-HMPA-B)]} O HO HO HN HN O O NH NH O H8(t-HMPA-B) OH OH 1.

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