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By W. Conard Fernelius (ed.)

The volumes during this carrying on with sequence offer a compilation of present thoughts and concepts in inorganic artificial chemistry. comprises inorganic polymer syntheses and guidance of vital inorganic solids, syntheses utilized in the improvement of pharmacologically lively inorganic compounds, small-molecule coordination complexes, and comparable compounds. additionally includes beneficial details on transition organometallic compounds together with species with metal-metal cluster molecules. All syntheses provided right here were proven.

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I n this condition, the ions are similar to those of barium and strontium. One of the characteristic chemical properties of the group, and certainly the most useful in connection with analysis and isolation, is the ease and completeness of precipitation of the hydrated oxalates from acidic solutions. )z03, are obtained, except in the case of cerium(II1) oxalate, which gives the dioxide. )203,are readily soluble in acids unless they have been ignited at high temperatures, in which case they dissolve more slowly.

Since the cerium group content of some gadolinites is high and since this mineral is usually extracted mainly for its yttrium group content, the use of this procedure is particularly advisable in this case. Procedure A. )C13 + + + 2Si02 + 6H20 The massive gadolinite is crushed in a jaw crusher and pulverized in a ball mill to about 100 mesh. 27 kg. of the powder is then added slowly, with stirring, t o 5 1. of hot concentrated (12 N ) hydrochloric acid (technical) in a 16-in. porcelain dish. After most of the excess acid has been removed by evaporation, the solution is diluted to 6 1.

8. GOLDSCHMIDT: J. Chem. ,1937, 655. 12. THE EXTRACTION OF RARE EARTH MINERALS I. MONAZITE AND XENOTIME SUBMITTEDBY D. W. PEARCE,* R. A. HANSON,* AND J. C. BUTLER*^ CHECKED BY WARREN C. JOHNSON$ AND WALTER 0. HAASS Monazite, the orthophosphate of the cerium group rare earths, is, without doubt, the most important rare earth mineral. It contains1 cerium-group oxides (49 to 74 per cent), yttrium-group oxides (1 to 4 per cent), thoria (1 to 20 per cent), and variable quantities of silica, iron(II1) oxide, alumina, etc.

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