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By T. Mitsui, E. Nakamura (auth.), Y. Shiozaki, E. Nakamura, T. Mitsui (eds.)

A whole new version on ferroelectrics, Landolt-Börnstein quantity III/36, is needed via the starting to be variety of courses and lengthening quantity of worthy facts after the booklet of quantity III/16 (1981) and its complement III/28 (1990). because the variety of the compiled information is particularly wide, quantity III/36 is split into 3 subvolumes titled III/36A Oxides, III/36B Inorganic ingredients except oxides, III/36C natural crystals, liquid crystals and polymers. the second one a part of the subvolume III/36B on inorganic components except oxides is gifted herewith.

Volume III/36 includes revised, up to date and prolonged details on ferroelectrics, antiferroelectrics and heavily comparable elements. All trustworthy facts on either natural compounds and reliable recommendations are significantly evaluated and integrated. along with of the dielectric and ferroelectric habit, a few different homes proper to the characterization of the ingredients are provided in tables and figures.

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Hikita] Rb3MoO3F3 family [M. Adachi] Miscellaneous crystals TiO2 [E. Nakamura] WO3 [M. Adachi] NaVO3 group [E. Nakamura] Fe3O4 [Y. Akishige] RVO4 (R = Sc, Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) [T. Asahi] RAsO4 (R = Pr, Nd, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Er, Yb) [T. Asahi] Cr2BeO4 [K. Deguchi] RMn2O5 (R = Y, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Bi) [K. Deguchi] Pb3TeO6 [M. Adachi] Li2B4O7 [M. Adachi] Ag26I18W4O16 [M. Adachi] Sr8[Al12O24](CrO4)2 [M. Adachi] Pb5Mo3O9F10 group [K. Deguchi] Pb5Cr3F19 group [K. Deguchi] Subvolume B1: Inorganic substances other than oxides SbSI family ...

Asahi] KNO3 family [K. Gesi] LiH3(SeO3)2 family [M. Komukae, T. Osaka] KIO3 family [K. Hasebe, T. Asahi] KDP (KH2PO4) family [E. Nakamura, M. Komukae, T. Osaka] PbHPO4 family [K. Gesi] KTiOPO4 (KTP) family [T. Hikita] CsCoPO4 family [N. Nakatani] NaTh2(PO4)3 family [Y. Shiozaki] Te(OH)6·2NH4H2PO4·(NH4)2HPO4 [E. Nakamura] Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/36B I Introduction Subvolume B2: Inorganic substances other than oxides (NH4)2SO4 family ... K3BiCl6 ⋅ 2KCl ⋅ KH3F4 39 (NH4)2SO4 family [K. Deguchi, K.

Warlimont, H. ), Chap. 5, Berlin: Springer, 2005. : CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants: 2005; Rev. Mod. Phys. 77 (2005) 1. Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/36B IIIA Pure compounds III Alphabetical index of substances This index lists all substances contained in subvolumes III/36B1 and B2 (523 compounds). It consists of two parts: part IIIA is for pure compounds and part IIIB is for solid solutions. IIIA: In the 1st column the substances are ordered according to the alphabetically arranged gross formulae.

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