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Content material: Bikerman, J. J. floor power of solids. -- Wiedemann, H. G. and Bayer, G. developments and functions of thermogravimetry. -- Huglin, M. B. decision of molecular weights through mild scattering

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The 0 was estimated to be about 1~ The calculated 7s was near 110 erg/cm 2, and 7sl near 33 erg/cm 2. The effect of the local melting of ice and the local freezing of water on these results is impossible to estimate. A similar scheme was resorted to later 152). 45. --~6_ --- 0t--- ~sv Fig. 24. Supposed equilibrium at a ridge raised by surface tension on a solid. The angles between the horizontal plane (parallel to the main solid surface) on one hand, and the directions of'),, 7sl, and 7sv on the other hand are, respectively, O, 6, and a 5O Surface Energy of Solids A little more elaborate was the "multiphase equilibria" approach, adopted earlier in Ref.

In similar unfavorable circumstances, the contact angle between liquids also may be in error by -+5 ~ In solid - solid systems the error presumably is at least as great, although more optimistic evaluations such as -+4 ~ Ref. 113) or even - 2 ~ (Ref. 64) ) for 2 ~ are found in the literature. 259; thus it is easy to commit a large error in cos ~ and, consequently~ in the ratio 71/%. 35 J. J. , 113), the metal surface was electroplated. Then the specimen was cut parallel to the plane of Fig. 12 and polished.

It is difficult to believe, and was not proved, that R2 was equal to infinity along the middle stretch of this profile; the vertical profile of every drop has finite radii of curvature at every point. NNNNNNN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\NN\\\\ Glass Fig. 18. The vertical profile of the water - ice interface at a larger magnification. Redrawn from Re/'. 129) (b) Not only the above R2 but also the curvature at the root of the groove is disregarded. Contrary to the roughly cylindrical interface, concave toward the solid, in the middle between the grooves or far from the only groove, the interface is convex on the ice side at the bottom of the groove, see point 0, Fig.

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