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The easiest way to restrict the oil supply to a roller bearing is to grind a dimple in the slot in its outer diameter about half an inch on both sides of the hole, which connects the outside of the bearing with the inside. The dimple is there merely to key a blob of resin so it doesn't move. If it does move, oil pressure will force it into the bearing and there goes a roller bearing. Once the groove has been filled with epoxy resin, and this must b e done in totally grease-free conditions to ensure adhesion, file the outside of the resin so it conforms to the curvature of the bearing case.

005--- . - - - - . - . - . UU . 18rnm) ot the? etthe end the cialliper. RGIILCI - Q i)~Gck1 C D 5 UII LILG llCfdU, because in reality the measuremenl comes out a littlt? short c)f what il -L L DI snouia On a roaa macnme, wnere tne very last bhp isn't that important, use this factcPr as a safety margin. On a race head where the compression ratio is required to b e on the dot, have the head machined by the minimum amourtI1 A;-A'-ated bv LLUL1, measurirkg. After measuririg, check the ratio again.

A 1 ,- ---L1--- -A. I CHAPTER THREE Cam Drives, Cam & Valve Trains In this chapter I begin my discussion at the crankshaft and work my way up the engine through the cam-drive system to the camshaft, and then ultimately to the valves themselves. Let's start with drive belt reliability. The belt that drives the cam rarely breaks, but this doesn't mean it never does. Three things, or a combination thereof, cause belt breakage. First is age. If the belt has seen high mileage, then it could b e ready to break depending on the climate.

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