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By Epictetus

»Verlange nicht, dass das, used to be geschieht, so geschieht, wie du es wünschst, sondern wünsche, dass es so geschieht, wie es geschieht, und dein Leben wird heiter dahinströmen.« Goethe, Nietzsche und Hannah Arendt waren erklärte Bewunderer des kleinen Werks. Bis heute bietet dieser Klassiker der stoischen Philosophie Orientierung.

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This rule that each hemisphere of the brain controls the motor and sensory functions of the opposite side of the body is of interest to us because it carried the implication that the two hemispheres were equipotential. Thus it probably operated to inhibit recognition of the possibility that the two hemispheres might not be eqUipotential with respect to other functions, particularly a bilaterally innervated function such as speech. CONCEPT OF HEMISPHERIC CEREBRAL DOMINANCE 43 III. THl: 'DOMINANT' HEMISPHERE As everyone knows, hemispheric asymmetry with respect to speech functions was first demonstrated by the French surgeon and anthropologist, Paul Broca (1824-1880).

No doubt there are individual differences in what Bogen et al. [8] have called the AlP or appositional-propositional ratio. Some people rely more on the left hemisphere in thinking while others rely more on the right hemisphere. Conceivably there are genetic bases for these differences but almost surely environmental factors also playa determining role. Formal education, with its emphasis on verbal-conceptual modes of thinking, favors the use of the left hemisphere. Life in a slum, or any other milieu that makes demands on qUick perception and intuitive judgment, favors the use of the right hemisphere.

These observations formed the basis of the doctrine that the right hemisphere is dominant for language in left-handed persons in the same way as the left is in right-handed persons. This symmetrical model linking handedness to hemispheric specialization for language was accepted by clinical neurologists for almost a century. However, after World War II, systematic studies of left-handed aphasic patients demonstrated that it was not tenable. For these studies found that, in 50-80% of left-handed patients, the aphasic disorder was associated with injury to the left hemisphere.

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