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Briefing to the committee on March 26, 2002. 26 AN ASSESSMENT OF PRECISION TIME AND TIME INTERVAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY the importance to the Navy and the entire DOD of supporting their development cannot be overestimated. There are numerous past and current examples of PTTI-related investigations producing capabilities of operational value to the military. 2 investment. This device produces frequency stabilities and accuracies rivaling oven-controlled crystal oscillators while requiring only a small fraction of the operating power, and it is finding use in applications as diverse as navigational buoys and GPS receivers.

The ranging error with the improved clocks is almost halved. These ranging accuracy improvements allow a proportional improvement in positioning and time outputs from a GPS receiver. Further improvements in stability and ruggedness of the atomic clocks flown on GPS satellites could do the following: • Improve the ranging accuracy, reducing collateral damage, enabling more accurate weapons delivery, and subsequently reducing the number of missions required to destroy a target set. • Allow longer GPS operations in the event of a ground upload outage.

Silicon microresonator arrays, although not temperature stable, show great promise for on-chip integration as (low-frequency) filters and sensors. Advances in this area have the potential to provide more compact radio frequency front ends (integrated circuit designs rather than discrete bulk devices) by reducing the size of the pre-down-conversion filters and duplexers in receivers and transceivers. S. , 1996. 36 AN ASSESSMENT OF PRECISION TIME AND TIME INTERVAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Microstructured Optical Fiber Heterodyned optical atomic clocks have been achieved by the development of microstructured optical fiber combined with advanced mode-locked lasers.

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