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By Ngawang Zangpo

This e-book recounts Guru Rinpoche's historic stopover at to Tibet and explains his carrying on with importance to Buddhists. 3 varied bills are provided: one Buddhist; one in line with the pre-Buddhist Tibetan faith, Bon; and one according to Indian and early Tibetan ancient records.

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In the discourses, Brahma with Braided Hair says to Shariputra, You see the worldly realm as having thorns, ravines, precipices, and degeneration. Such vision is ignoble. It is a sign that an elder’s mind has the thorns of negative emotions, ravines of the view, and precipices of [the extremes of] perfect peace and existence. Moreover, to think that one goes from one place to another within what is called the external world is to not have entered the correct view. , our world] arise unhindered.

Instruction to provide means to enter that fundamental nature, teachings of the many techniques to draw sentient beings’ minds to it, such as [the subject of] impure delusion and its classification, is called interpretive meaning and interpretive teaching. ” (The Treasury of Discourses and Tantras, sec. 9, pp. 35b-36a) Thus, the definitive meaning describes the true nature of things; interpre- Buddhism, History, and the Truth 35 tive meaning, how they appear. From this perspective, astrology and astronomy would both belong to teachings on interpretive meaning, if study of either of them helped a listener approach the definitive meaning, which falls outside the purview of either astrology or astronomy.

These subjects constitute the core of Buddhism, what the Buddha taught, and what we must keep in mind when we make any affirmations concerning Buddhism and its relation to the subject of history and historical truth. These considerations provided the motivation for all Buddhist compositions, including any pronouncements on history. Therefore, I include here a translation of a classic, brief presentation of the two truths and of interdependent arising. The first subject is that of relative and ultimate truths.

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