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By K. L. Ameta, Anshu Dandia

The booklet offers a succinct precis of tools for the synthesis and organic actions of varied different-sized bioactive heterocycles utilizing varied eco-friendly chemistry artificial methodologies, like microwave, ultrasonic, water mediated, ionic drinks, and so on. The booklet additionally offers an perception of the way eco-friendly chemistry concepts are particular to the bioactive heterocyclic compounds.

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Stoichiometric to catalytic reactions 2. Multi- to fewer-step routes 3. Liquid acid/base to solid acid/base catalysts 4.  Improvements of reaction media: solvent free, solid state, water, supercritical media, ionic liquid (IL), etc. 6. Routes of higher atom utilization/economy The highlight of the literature reports on Qx synthesis will be on these directives of green chemistry. 1 Solvent-Free Synthesis The uses of volatile organic solvents (VOSs) are the major contributory factors towards environmental pollution due to their abundant use (solvents constitute more than 85 % of the total mass utilization of a chemical process) and incomplete recovery efficiency (50–80 %) [22].

Tetrahedron Lett 47:9113–9116 3 Kanizsai I, Gyónfalvi S, Szakonyi Z, Sillanpää R, Fülöp F (2007) Synthesis of bi- and tricyclic β-lactam libraries in aqueous medium. Green Chem 9:357–360 4 McKay CS, Kennedy CD, Pezacki JP (2009) Studies of multicomponent Kinugasa reactions in aqueous media. Tetrahedron Lett 50:1893–1896 5 Estévez V, Villacampa M, Menéndez JC (2010) Multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of pyrroles. Chem Soc Rev 39:4402–4421 6 Khalili B, Jajarmi P, Eftekhari-Sis B, Hashemi MH (2008) Novel one-pot, three-component synthesis of new 2-alkyl-5-aryl-(1H)-pyrrole-4-ol in water.

4. 9). 9 Role of water Qxwater formation in Qx aqueous mediain aqueous media. Scheme 9. 10) with diamine nucleophile. 4) using β-CD as a catalyst. 4).

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