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By William E. Wilson, Angus McBride

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Justice-hall of the Truth-swallowers”), and the Sarask Balabytt (Ta. “Vaults of the Balabett”) line the broad streets and avenues. The citizens affectionately speak of the inner city as the Hask Katarn (Ta. “Heart of the City”). Stone, especially marble, is the favored building material. Abstract curvelinear designs are carved in the exterior wall surfaces, while angular geometric mosaics and murals adom the interior walls and floors. 1 The Bazaar - Curio seekers and purveyors of fine wares may find everything that the heart may desire in the Bazaar.

Since a complex judicial system is in place in the city, judges, magistrates, and lawyers may be encountered near the administrative complex at almost all times of the day. Atakolett’s Exchange - Coinage is highly regulated in Ti31 Isra and her tributary cities. Foreign coins are not legal tender, making the money changer’s and lender’s trade a booming business. Money lenders charge anywhere between ten and twenty percent on the lended monies per year. Money changers normally charge between one and five percent for coin exchange.

May be used once a day. Gift from Durin for retuming a bracer wom bv Durin I. DOLINOF ZARAK-DUM A smith trained by the master craftsmen of Khazad-dum, Dolin finds himself tending to the daily chores of his trade: the art of smithing weapons. It might seem as though Dolin and his cohorts have always been at the Drunken Hammer, hard at work, but in reality, like most Dwarves of his calibre, he has travelled far and wide across Middle-earth. Dolin is an old Dwarf. Bom in the late 1300s in Khazad-dum, Dolin was enchanted by his father’s tales of treasure and adventure.

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