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In its most general form of reference adat can mean simply 'the way' — as in 'the way we as Minangkabau do things', or 'the way you as a westerner do things'. In this sense the meaning of the term is remarkably close to such anthropological concepts as 'culture'. More often when adat is discussed the speaker is drawing attention to what he takes to be unique about Minangkabau society — in particular to the rules of conduct, inheritance and management of property associated with the system of matrilineal kinship.

Those in the higher realms of the civil service, and particularly those with a higher education, took a great interest in Minangkabau adat and history. Indeed, West Sumatra seems to have produced more than its share of anthropologists. On the other hand, poor labourers and the like considerably underplayed their part as Minangkabau, often perhaps concealing their ethnic affiliation. Migrants from a number of different parts of West Sumatra have formed associations in Jakarta of nagari-mates. The Sungai Puar association is not very active, and yet it manages to collect funds annually to send back to aid projects like school- and mosquebuilding in the village.

9 Total 5,002 to go to the Rantau or outlying territories of Minangkabau. Today it is used to refer to migrants from highland villages and, more broadly, to all those people who, while they may be resident elsewhere, retain social and economic links with the village itself. Included in this cultural category, then, are both long-term and temporary migrants, as well as some people who were not born in the village at all. Naim has estimated that there are as many Minangkabau living outside the home province of West Sumatra as there are living in their traditional homeland.

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