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This approach, which required a greater understanding of the principles of engineering and the methods of mathematics, did not readily find favour. Instead the Davisian approach dominated the study of rivers until 1950 and it retarded the study of slopes because insufficient attention was given to slope processes. Occasional diversions included the development of slopes as proposed by Penck (1924) in his particular style of landscape development. Until 1950 therefore, slopes found little place in geomorphological writing and rivers were usually approached in terms of long-term landscape development.

If this were not so, the knowledge of landforms and of geomorphic processes would be far less advanced than it is today. Present knowledge of landform genesis remains founded on the study of relict rather than currently active landforms, in many cases because modern correlatives of some ancient landforms are either unknown or inaccessible. Moreover, modern analogues of many Pleistocene landforms, where they exist, are unlikely to be precise because, for example, glaciation of lowland, mid-latitude areas occurred under a climatic regime not replicated anywhere on earth to-day.

R e f e r r e d to as H o r t o n o v e r l a n d flow o r infiltration o v e r l a n d flow by some workers. Semi-arid a r e a s w h e r e rainfall intensities high a n d vegetation cover sparse. In h u m i d areas m a y occur adjacent to s t r e a m channels or in t o p o g r a p h i c hollows w h e r e w a t e r converges L o c a t i o n s usually close to s t r e a m channels or hollows w h e r e water table rises rapidly to surface during storm event Saturated overland flow Surface flow of w a t e r which occurs b e c a u s e soil is s a t u r a t e d a n d infiltration capacity has n o t b e e n e x c e e d e d Throughflow M o v e m e n t of w a t e r d o w n s l o p e in soil profile usually u n d e r u n s a t u r a t e d conditions.

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