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Has female now moved back—right out of sight—behind the male? This seems a definite possibility. 67 In the inscriptions it may be that she remained as Asherah, either as consort or as the female attribute of Yahweh invoked for blessing. 65. McCarter ('Aspects of the Religion of the Israelite Monrachy', pp. 6, 56, notes the use of the titles pane bcfl, 'presence of Baal', and sm bcl, 'name of Baal', for the goddesses Tannit and Astarte respectively. See B. Halpern, '"Brisker Pipes than Poetry": The Development of Israelite Monotheism', in J.

Y. Scott, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes (Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1965), p. 71. 69. Camp, Wisdom and the Feminine, p. 28. 1. In Search of Ancestry 37 explore the relationship between her and the associated term found in the biblical texts. 70 The second ancestry is that of the process or strategy itself which provided a tool for the transformation. The next task is to trace the heritage of these ancestors, and see whether there are familial traits in the portrayal of Israelite Wisdom. 9. 70. Wisdom and the Feminine, p.

The sacred tree itself, representing life and growth and renewal, was a motif found throughout the ancient world, frequently depicted with animals or birds on either side. 52 But what is of particular interest is that on one of the vessels, instead of the tree, the ibexes flank a dotted triangle, which Hestrin interprets as a 'pubic triangle' representing fertility. If this is so, and if the triangle and the tree are interchangeable, this would seem to point to the tree's also having a fertility connotation The similarity with decorations on plaques and pendants from fifteenth- and fourteenthcentury Syria-Palestine which show a female figure associated with a branch or stylized tree engraved above a pubic triangle also raise the possibility of a connection here with a fertility goddess.

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