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By Peter Rowley-Conwy

We're now accustomed to the 3 Age process, the archaeological partitioning of the previous into Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. This department, which amounted on the time to an incredible clinical revolution, was once conceived in Denmark within the 1830s. Peter Rowley-Conwy investigates the explanations why the 3 Age approach used to be followed with out demur in Scandinavian archaeological circles, but was once the topic of a sour and long-drawn-out contest in Britain and eire, as much as the 1870s.

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Petersen 1909: 53–5). Petersen evidently told him this story, for Marryat reproduced it in the book he wrote about his travels, but transposing it to the Ethnographic Museum and making it appear that Thomsen had pointed out the soldiers with the guidebook to Marryat himself (Marryat 1860: I, 232). The Construction of Prehistory 39 The old laws of danefæ (a term best translated as ‘national treasure trove’) dated back to 1683, and claimed all Wnds of precious metals for the Crown. From 1752 the Wnders were paid the full cash value of their Wnds (Galster 1946).

J. Thomsen was also initially to follow it. THE D EVELOPMENT O F A RCHAEOLOGY, 1806–1816 Copenhagen University’s librarian was a man who enjoyed making extended walking tours round various parts of Denmark. On these tours he took frequent note of antiquities, and by 1805 Rasmus Nyerup was a worried man. Agriculture and road-building were destroying ancient monuments at an unparalleled rate, and the numerous antiquities that were turned up were mostly accorded little attention and were usually dispersed and lost.

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