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By Ella Shohat, Robert Stam

The query "Why do they hate us?" is among the such a lot oft-cited puzzles of latest American affairs, but it’s now not transparent to whom "they" or "us" refers, nor even what "hate" capacity. during this daring new paintings, Ella Shohat and Robert Stam take aside the "hate discourse" of right-wing politics, putting it in a world context. How, for instance, do different international locations love themselves, and the way is that love attached to their attitudes towards the United States? Is love of state "monogamous" or can one love many nations? while can a country’s self-love be a symptom of self-hatred? Drawing upon their broad event with South American, ecu, and heart jap societies, the authors have written an extended engagement with an issue that refuses to leave. Flagging Patriotism considers those complicated positive factors of "being patriotic," and in so doing insists that the belief of patriotism, rather than being rejected or embraced, be accorded the advanced identification it possesses.

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If their leader declares war on another country, they instinctively salute and then go on an automatic pilot of hate toward the so-called enemy, even if they actually know nothing about the country in question. ” They don’t mind warrantless spying on citizens, since only people with “something to hide” would worry about such trivial things as the Bill of Rights. When demagogues speak, the patriots are there in the audience chanting the name of their country above all others. indb 1 11/9/06 6:58:29 AM  Flagging Patriotism But is this the portrait of a perfect patriot or of a perfect idiot?

159). Everything—priests molesting children, critical points made by Noam Chomsky, the behavior of drunken British hooligans in Spain—becomes grist for Tamames’s mill. The desire to stress only the negative things about Americans often leads Tamames into blatant contradiction. Thus to denounce the American system, Tamames argues that it is really a “dictatorship”; but to denounce the American people, he argues that the United States is not a dictatorship but a democracy, in which the people are responsible for the crimes of their leaders.

The concept of the nation and the national entails historical and ideological ambiguities—the sliding between the original meaning of nation as “racial group” and its later meaning as “politically organized entity,” and the oscillation between nationalism’s progressive and reactionary poles. Nationalism changes its valence in different historical and geographical contexts. A proactive European nationalism—such as Nazi Germany’s ambitions to conquer its neighbors—cannot be equated with the reactive nationalism of countries in Latin America where nationalism is directed not against Latin American neighbors but rather against the colossus to the north.

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