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By Alana Van Gundy

Feminist conception, Crime, and Social Justice deals an insightful examine the basically masculine-driven point of view on crime and justice in the course of the lens of feminist idea. The ebook provides the argument that an elevated realizing of the feminine crime typology, existence direction, and gender-specific programming will enhance social justice for offenders. Discussions at the direct implications of ways society perspectives crime and justice give a contribution to coverage ideas for aiding to enhance those perspectives, particularly as they relate to girl crime.

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Research is mixed, meaning that some research states that the police are less likely to arrest women due to gender bias or stereotypes, while other studies indicate that the courts sentence women more harshly than men, and still others suggest that corrections is not equipped to handle men (and research disputes these claims as well); but all of the research in this field is conducted on the basis that the treatment by and within the criminal justice system differs based upon gender. Feminist criminology argues that considering these gender differences within the system of criminal justice does not mean that it needs to treat women differently than men, but it means they must be treated appropriately.

The main idea of life course criminology is that transitions lead to turning points that impact and/or change an individual’s life trajectory. It is believed that these concepts mediate the developmental course of offending (Le Blanc & Loeber, 1998), do not necessarily occur as a function of age, and occur as a function of the particular individual experiencing them. Each life course theory is a culmination of variables such as societal-level variables (social learning, social control, social structure), individual variables (personality and intelligence), social aggregate variables (income and neighborhood), cognitive variables, socialization variables (marriage, parenting, children, and military service), and situational factors that are strong predictors in both criminal and victimization models like routine activities theory.

Additionally, adverse or negative experiences in early childhood are likely to result in physical and mental health disorders (Reavis, Looman, Franco, & Rojas, 2013). 5 Public Policy Implications The fact that life course criminology articulates the link between childhood experience and adult criminality results in numerous public policy implications. These implications occur from a preventative standpoint in early childhood and from both a preventative and reactive standpoint in adolescence and adulthood.

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