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A Projection on the a c plane of the structure of sanidine using symbols a nd coordinates of Table 2-1. 3 nm). The tetrahedral nodes (solid dots) are connected to the oxygen atoms (circles) to show the linkage of the aluminosilicate framework . There are mirror planes at heights 00 and 50. Only atoms from 00 to 50 are shown beca use those from 50 to 100 exactly superimpose on those rela ted by a mirror plane. The atom s of type A 2 are speciall y marked because they lie on the mirror planes. Slightly more tha n one unit cell is shown at the upper left in order to show the shape of a six-membered ring and to show the relative positions of nea rby K atoms (hexagons).

At the upper left, a 6-ring is formed ofT 1 18; T 2 12; T 1 32; T 1 32; T 2 38 and T 1 18 plus the oxygen atoms of type A 1, B and C. The schematic drawing in Fig. 2-4b shows the relationship between the 4- and 6-membered rings more clearly. In projection, this is a tessellation of hexagonal and quadrilateral tiles, but in three dimensions these units are not coplanar. The framework linkage in the b direction can be envisaged by relating the atomic positions to mirror planes of symmetry at percentage heights of 00 and 50 along b.

3 Relation to Coesite The aluminosilicate framework of feldspar is topologically related to the silicate framework of coesite, one of the high-pressure polymorphs of Si0 2 • Zoltai and Buerger (1959) noticed a structural resemblance, but Megaw (1970) first quantified the relationship. The key feature is depicted in Fig. 2-4, but readers are referred to Megaw's paper for various crystallographic details and for a discussion of the factors governing the distortion of the structures. Figure 2-4a is a projection down the b-axis of the contents of slightly more than one unit cell of sanidine using the coordinates of Table 2-1.

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