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When Keegan saw he was talking about the Eagle twins, Xavier and Riley, Keegan gave his mate an are-you-taking-crazy-pills glare. ” Keegan glanced over at the Eagles, who were sucking air from a helium tank and saying dirty phrases in high-pitched voices. “I love Riley and Xavier like brothers, but I wouldn’t put them in charge of a lemonade stand. And no, it’s not because Riley is bi-polar. It’s because trouble follows them like the paparazzi follow Brad and Angelina. Do you know last week that they tricked Dexal into getting a haircut and the poor Puma ended up with a bright green and red Mohawk?

I’m sure he’ll get over it soon,” Mitchell assured Carson. ” When Mitchell just shook his head, Carson continued, “Cub was raised as an only child and his adoptive parents treated him more as a possession than their kid. So when he came here and connected with Cassie, it was the first time he felt any type of family love. ” Mitchell was beginning to understand a little bit, but part of him felt a bit hurt, too. “What about the rest of us? ” “But Cassie didn’t desert him. She got married and moved to Chris’s pack.

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