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One of the amazing good points of our occasions is the expanding usage of chemical items in several fields of human actions, as a result of awesome development of chemical learn. Our foodstuff offer has no longer been spared from this common pattern, notwithstanding, and chemical sub­ stances are being regularly integrated in foodstuffs. a few of these elements are additional to meals for technological reasons resembling pre­ serving nutrients from bacterial deterioration (antimicrobials), conserving it from oxidative alterations (antioxidants), and bettering its organoleptic features (sweeteners, flavors, and style enhancers), or texture (stabilizers, emulsifiers, colorants). those components are in most cases known as intentional nutrition ingredients. chemicals can also be present in nutrients because of environ­ psychological or unintentional illness. among those different types of chemical compounds, a 3rd type occupies an intermediate place, represented through chemical items applied to regulate insect or fungus pests in agri­ tradition and ectoparasites in animal husbandry. those items are cur­ rently often called insecticides and, because of a few of their houses, akin to chemical balance linked to scarce hydrosolubility, they are chanced on as residues in or on foodstuff from plant and animal foundation. furthermore, yes medications that stimulate progress for accelarating productiveness in animals can also be chanced on as residues in suitable for eating animal tissues. those components are known as accidental nutrition additives.

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The test may yield information sufficient to show that the material is too toxic to warrant further study. It may also provide guidance for the selection of dosage for long-term tests and indicate special studies that may be necessary. At least two species, including a rodent and a non-rodent, should be used. The number of animals should be large enough to allow for a statistical evaluation of the data. In the feeding experiments a sufficient number of levels should be selected to ensure that at least one level has no effect, and that doses are included which produce definite toxic effects, if possible.

These methods, however, need further investigation before they can be evaluated (73). 7 Examination of the Animals Regular and frequent determinations of body weight and food intake give a measure of the condition of the animals. It is of great value to 30 Vettorazzi have experienced personnel make frequent and regular clinical examinations of the animals. In this way cannibalism, for example, can be avoided. Moribund animals should be killed. A complete post-mortem examination should be performed.

Statistically significant differences indicate the need for more detailed study. Such differences, however, do not necessarily indicate, nor does their absence exclude, the existence of any deleterious effect. Histopathology: Differences in microscopical appearances may be the earliest detectable sign of toxicity. Instances have been reported in which the histopathological method was the only one that revealed a deleterious effect. The importance of histopathological studies in this field is, therefore, apparent.

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