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By Walter Edmund Roth

Walter E. Roth's 1897 research of the Aborigines of North-West-Central Queensland was once one of the first of its variety in Australia, and validated his overseas acceptance as a number one anthropologist and ethnologist. Roth, a doctor who used to be later appointed 'protector of Aboriginals' by means of the govt, won the arrogance and belief of the Aboriginal humans between whom he lived, and attempted to forestall the exploitation and injustice they suffered, within the face of fierce political competition. His ebook presents a desirable and heavily saw account of the Aborigines' conventional lifestyle, together with their language, kinship and customs. It describes social enterprise, nutrients, instruments and guns, own ornament, commute and alternate, delivery and dying, or even cannibalism. Containing over 430 illustrations and a word list summarising key vocabulary, this thoroughly-researched booklet is commonly known as a necessary and enduring anthropological list.

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4. He is sitting down [alongside his wife] with his dog and boomerang. 5. The boys will come-back with plenty of food to-morrow. 6. I will go with them to-their-place. 7. We will both run (and take) the child with us. 8. The old man will steal the spears. 9. The girls have good dilly-bags. 10. Both of you will have babies. 23. Prepositions—Kest. a. In, at, close to, among, alongside of, &c. = -e-iia (cf. Personal Pronouns, indirect object, rest with whom, sect. 7b)— kooroui-ena nungkia nunja = I iim sitting down in the hut.

4. Kako-wara-lo berdaje-pityiri-na tarea. 5. Kooridala wapa [pinjiena] nungkia. 6. Koopa-koopa-nga titi-wara-lo upperi-nga koonpara-na mare-ka. 7. ITllo-ngo kuttamulla-ko tiraa. 8. Munguni-maro-nga kako-pityiri-wara-ngo pappa-ko wire. 9. Upperi-lo titi-mulla-na pitea. 10. Koopa-koopa-nga nopowara-ngo uttapeukka-pityiri-mulla-ko mullo pite. Translation. 1. The doctor's sister was bringing the food. 2. His father's spear will hit the kangaroo's pup. 3. OUT mother was beating the woman. 4. Her sister was weaving dilly-bags.

One would think that a kangaroo swims, but you can't be sure. 5. Shall I give the dog (some) food ? 6. Shall we stand or sit ? 7. Why are the women sitting-down ? ) ? 9. The sun risea daily. 10. Will you return later on ? Certainly ! Example 36. 1. Tima-linga ingo ungkala: tiche-lingaingo akoona. 2. Berdaje-na woonjena nunya ungkala: kunda-na akoona. 3. Oora-enya kunda nunyo ungkala: kunda noongokaakoona. 4. uta-enyanabibapooro-na toka-kanindo. 5. Minnaena nungkia, kokola? mie-ena. (5. lntalimme kundia impa ?

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