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Recommendations for Education and Selection of Prospective Blood Donors 37 Hypertension is associated with the concomitant occurrence of structural and functional changes in large arteries and small resistance arteries and with other classic hallmarks of organ damage (left ventricular hypertrophy, renal dysfunction, microalbuminuria). Blood collection may precipitate a vascular accident due to a transient reduction of blood pressure. Additionally, high blood pressure reduces the volume of circulating blood and, therefore, blood collection may generate an adverse reaction by further reducing blood volume.

Persons who have had sexual contact with anyone described above are deferred for 12 months. Females who have had sex with a male who has had sex with another male since 1977 are deferred for 12 months. Persons who have paid money or drugs for sex are deferred for 12 months. ELIGIBILITY FOR BLOOD DONATION Pan American Health Organization PAHO Recommendation: Persons who engage in risky sexual behaviours should be deferred from donating blood for 12 months after the last occurrence. The blood services should defer for a period of 12 months those females offering to donate blood if their male sexual partners had insertive or receptive anal sex with another male during the previous 12 months.

PAHO Recommendation: Blood should be collected only from individuals with blood pressure readings that are within the normal range. Systolic pressure should not exceed 180 mm Hg nor should diastolic pressure exceed 100 mm Hg. Blood pressure readings are associated to several variables, including donor anxiety and nervousness. For this reason, before deferring the donor due to high blood pressure, a second measurement should be taken after 10 minutes of rest and calm. Otherwise healthy individuals whose blood pressure is within normal range, even though they may be taking medication to control it, can donate blood.

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