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By Nathan Long

Dwarf Trollslayer Gotrek and his human spouse Felix Jaeger, Warhammer’s most famed pair of heroes, head off to a brand new event dealing with the terrifying darkish elves within the newest novel of this best-selling delusion sequence.

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He flopped down on the wreckage and sat with his head in his hands, and no one dared approach. There were sidelong glances, and one or two people shook themselves and hurried away. Snibril dismounted and wandered over to where Pismire was standing gloomily wrapped in his goatskin cloak. 舖He shouldn舗t have said the Unutterable Words,舗 said Pismire, more or less to himself, 舖It舗s all superstition, of course, but that舗s not to say it isn舗t real. Oh, hello. 舗 舖Doesn舗t mean it was untrue. I舗m sure it was Fray.

He should stay in bed for at least two days, so I told Bertha six. Then he舗ll fret and bully her into letting him up the day after tomorrow, and feel a lot better for having outwitted me. 舗 He looked at Snibril. 舖What about you? You might not have escaped half so easily. 舗 He held up his herb bag. 舖And with this,舗 he said. 舖Just different types of dust, a few useful plants. That舗s not medicine. That舗s just a way of keeping people amused while they舗re ill. 舗 舖You said that before,舗 said Snibril.

Empires, too. If you don舗t look after knowledge, it goes away. 舗 He threw down what looked like a belt, made up of seven different coloured squares, linked together with thongs. 舖That was made by wights. Go on . . 舗 舖I think I舗ve heard them mentioned . . 舗 said Snibril obediently. 舖You see? A tribe. In the old days. The tribe. The first Carpet people. The ones who crossed the Tiles and brought back fire. They quarried wood at the Woodwall. They found out how to melt varnish off achairleg. Don舗t see them so much nowadays, but they used to be around a lot, pushing these big varnish-boilers from tribe to tribe, it舗s amazing the stuff they could make out of it .

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