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By Noel Thomas Boaz

This evaluation of previous background concerning the worlds' such a lot wide fossil hominid website is excellent. The series of discovery, the lack of the fossils in WWII confusion, and the telling of the fashionable rethinking of the location and its importance is basically rather well performed.

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As soon as he had closed down his operations at Longgushan, he hurried back to Beijing, avoiding sol­ diers and bandits along the way. M. on October 19, before he had even cleaned up or told his wife that he was back in Beijing. ”26 When he saw the tooth, which was well preserved and undoubtedly hominid, Black was overjoyed. It had been a year since the meet­ ing with the prince, and six long months of excavation. Bohlin had shipped back from the field a large num­ ber of wooden crates of fossilcontaining sediment to be prepared in Beijing.

In 1935 the foundation named him visiting professor of anatomy at its medical school in Beijing and honorary director of the Cenozoic Research Laboratory, the posts left va­ cant by Davidson Black. Davidson Black never met Franz Weidenreich, a contemporary nine years older than he. The closest they came to meeting was in 1914, on the eve of World War I, when Black was studying neurology and fossil brain endocasts with Dr. Ariens Kappers in Amsterdam, and Franz Weidenreich was in Alsace-Lorraine as professor of anatomy at the University of Strassburg.

Osborn had done the bold and unthinkable before. Desiring missing links and complete skeletons to fill his hall of elephants, he had dispatched well-equipped teams from New York to the fossil bad­ lands of the American West. No expense had been spared, and the skeletons had been found, studied, mounted, published, and finally exhibited—to universal acclaim. Mounting an expedition to Asia to find the human miss­ ing link would be even more challenging. Could he do it? Osborn decided that he could, and the Central Asiatic Expedition, perhaps the most lav­ The Bones of Dragon Bone Hill 13 ishly funded and massively organized effort ever mounted to find fossil hominids, was born.

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