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By Paul A. Rees

This dictionary is meant as a advisor to the terminology utilized in quite a lot of animal-related programmes of research together with agriculture, animal care, animal administration, animal creation, animal welfare, veterinary nursing, natural world conservation and zoo biology. In overall it includes over 5,300 entries. It contains a variety of phrases utilized in the fields of veterinary technological know-how, physiology and zoology, as scholars whose fundamental pursuits are animal welfare or zoo biology additionally should have a few realizing of sickness, how animal our bodies functionality and the way animals are categorized. It additionally comprises a few felony phrases, and connection with a few criminal situations, to aid scholars know the way the safety, use and conservation of animals is regulated by means of the legislations. a few humans, well-known animals, literature and flicks have encouraged the way in which we expect approximately, and behave in the direction of, animals. hence, the booklet contains references to big books approximately animals, well-known animals who've starred in motion pictures or been the topic of clinical reviews, besides brief biographies of recognized scientists and others who've studied animals or validated conservation or animal welfare organisations. 

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Occurs as a normal response to a stressful or dangerous situa- tion. Signs may include trembling, rapid pulse, sweating, dry mouth. See also STRESS aorta 1. Largest artery in vertebrates, which carries oxygenated blood from the heart (left ventricle) to the body tissues. 2. Anterior part of the arthropod heart. apathy A lack of emotion, feeling or interest; impassive, indifferent, listless. A lack of response to environmental stimuli. Compare RESPONSIVENESS ape A general term for hominoid primates belonging to the families Pongidae (GREAT APES ) and Hylobatidae (gibbons and siamangs, the LESSER APES ).

It is a PC-based application and is multilingual. The software allows a zoo to produce a number of different reports based on its own records. ARKS4 allows individual institutions to contribute their data to the pooled INTERNATIONAL SPECIES INFORMATION SYSTEM (ISIS) database so that it is then available to others through the ISIS website. See also MEDICAL ANIMAL RECORD KEEPING SYSTEM (MED ARKS), ZOOLOGICAL INFORMA ­ TION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ZIMS) animal records See ANIMAL RECORD KEEPING SYSTEM (ARKS), PEDIGREE REGISTER , RECORD KEEPING , STUDBOOK animal research See ANIMAL TESTING Animal Research Act 1995 (NSW) A law introduced in New South Wales, Australia, to protect animal welfare by ensuring that the use of animals in research is always humane, considerate, responsible and justified.

A statistical method which compares the means of samples from several populations. It analyses the total variation shown by the data, splits this into the variation within the samples and the variation between the samples, and then compares these two components. anovulatory The state of not ovulating. g. anoxic water; anoxic seizure. See also ANAEROBIC Anseriformes An order of birds: geese, swans, ducks, screamers. g. the biceps and triceps are antagonistic muscles because they have opposite effects on the movement of the forelimb; INSULIN and GLUCAGON are antagonistic hormones because they have opposite effects on glucose.

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