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By R. Freiwillig, K. Macek, K. Procházka, I. Saxl, V. Sklenicka, M. Šlesár

This dictionary displays advancements in actual metallurgy, specifically the expansion of sturdy ties to the physics of metals. therefore the phrases with regards to lattice defects and their homes and to laboratory exams revealing their results on macroscopic behaviour of steel fabrics, are broadly coated. conception of dislocations and paintings hardening, extreme temperature deformation, fatigue and fracture, metallography and section adjustments are all commonly coated, while phrases with regards to technical operations akin to warmth and mechanical remedy in addition to the corresponding apparatus were integrated to a lesser extent.

The paintings is predicated at the Dictionary of clinical phrases from actual Metallurgy released in elements through the years 1968-1976 within the Czechoslovak magazine metal fabrics and on its revised and prolonged model released in 1981 by means of Veda, the publishing condo of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Czech and Slovak languages of the 2 previous models were passed over, and Spanish has been incorporated; the Russian half has been considerably complemented via synonyms.

The dictionary presents collage scholars, study employees and engineers with the vocabulary of easy phrases utilized in this department of technological know-how. it's also a great tool for translators.

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Fatigue hardening Wechselverfestigung, / d u r c i s s e m e n t p a r fatigue, m y c T a n o c T H o e y n p o H H e H n e , cp e n d u r e c i m i e n t o p o r fatiga, m 538. fatigue life Bruchlastspielzahl, / ; Lebensdauer, / e n d u r a n c e , / ; d u r e e d e vie, / y c T a j i o c T H a a JiojiroBeHHOCTb, J K l o n g e v i d a d a la fatiga, / 539. fatigue limit see endurance limit 540. fatigue ratio Verhaltnis d e r Wechselfestigkeit z u r Festigkeit, n; 37 fibrous Dauerfestigkeitsverhaltnis, η rapport d'endurance, m Fermi-Flache, / surface de Fermi, / OTHOWeHHe BblHOCJIHBOCTH nOBepXHOCTb O e p M H , JfC κ npoHHOCTH, cp relacion limite de fatiga/resistencia de rotura por traccion, / superficie de Fermi, / 541.

Frank dislocation Franksche Versetzung, / dislocation de Frank, / AHCJiOKauHfl Opamca, otc dislocacion de Frank, / 601. frequency of cycling Frequenz der Beanspruchung, / frequence des cycles, / nacTOTa HarpyaceHHH, otc frecuencia de los ciclos, / 593. Frank network Franksches Netzwerk, η reseau de Frank, m ceTKa O p a H K a , MC red de Frank, / 602. fresh dislocation neu gebildete Versetzung, / nouvelle dislocation,/ 594. Frank-Read source Frank-Read-Quelle, / source de F r a n k - R e a d , / HCTOHHHK Opamca-PHAa, ceeacafl AHCJioicairHfl, otc dislocacion recien formada, / Μ fuente de F r a n k - R e a d , / 595.

Cyclic stress-strain curve zyklische Spannungs-Dehnungs-Kurve,/ courbe contrainte-deformation cyclique, / A H a r p a M M a UHKjiHHecKoro ;^opMHpOBaHHa, otc curva ciclica de esfuerzo-deformacion, / deformation 23 D 305. damage Schadigung, / dommage, m n o B p e a c z i a e M O C T b , otc; noBpeacjjeHHOCTb, otc dano, m 306. damping Dampfung, / amortissement, m 3 a T y x a H H e , cp amortiguamiento, m 307. dark field Dunkelfeld, η aeKopHpoeaHHe, cp decoracion, / 313. defect Fehler, m; Fehlstelle, / defaut, m ,αεφεκτ, Μ defecto, m 314.

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