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27 Thus, while Nurr1 is not involved in the induction of Ptx3 expression, it is critically involved in maintenance of Ptx3-expressing cells. In this regard, it has been proposed that Ptx3 and Nurr1, although regulated independently, may function in a cooperative manner to regulate factors required for terminal differentiation of midbrain DA neurons. 4 summarizes the early events and the time course of specific gene onset in rodent DA neuron development (see below) as well as the role of putative trophic factors and striatal target cells (see below).

C) FGFR3 IgG (this reagent binds to FGF1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and acts as an antagonist to these ligands), blocks the appearance of midbrain DA and rostral hindbrain 5HT neurons. TH and 5HT neurons develop normally in 6 somite ventral mid-hindbrain explants v3/4 grown for 6 days in the presence of FGFR1 IgG (C; left) (this reagent binds to FGF1, 2, 4, 5, 6, but not 8) applied at day 0, but fail to develop in the presence of FGFR3 IgG (C; right) applied at day 0. β-tubulin+ neurons readily appear in explants v3/4 grown for 6 days in the presence of FGFR3 IgG (not shown).

Sisson JC, Ho KS, Suyama K et al. Costal2, a novel kinesin-related protein in the Hedgehog signaling pathway. Cell 1997; 90:235-245. 90. Pham A, Therond P, Alves G et al. The Suppressor of fused gene encodes a novel PEST protein involved in Drosophila segment polarity establishment. Genetics 1995; 140:587-598. 91. Akimaru H, Chen Y, Dai P et al. Drosophila CBP is a co-activator of cubitus interruptus in hedgehog signalling. Nature 1997; 386:735-738. 92. Domínguez M, Brunner M, Hafen E et al. Sending and receiving the Hedgehog signal: Control by the Drosophila Gli protein cubitus interruptus.

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