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By Noble David Cook

Whereas many students were drawn to the dimensions of the Indian inhabitants of the Americas on the time of first touch with Europeans, this e-book is the 1st to make an intensive exam of the query. targeting Peru, Professor cook dinner estimates inhabitants dimension at the foundation of archaeology, wearing ability of the rural platforms, ailment mortality, depopulation ratios, and census projection. He additionally analyses the catastrophic inhabitants decline that resulted from touch with Europeans, and compares this adventure with that of the coastal zone and the Andean highlands.

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The amount of irrigated cropland along the Peruvian coast, the productivity of highland agriculture, the populations supported by pastoral nomadism in the puna region, and coastal fishing and shellfishing all point to a high productivity for the Andean ecosystem. Population pressure on agriculture is suggested by extension to marginal lands, as in the ridged-field system of the Titicaca basin and coastal sunken-field farming. Yet total population estimates based on the ecological data diverge widely.

9 Cook and Treganza studied four mounds, including one in the San Francisco Bay region, which had been examined previously by Nelson, and concluded a fairly constant relation between the area of a mound and the number of people who created it, "the logarithm of the population being about half that of the log of the mound's area in square meters" 10 A fully elaborated quantitative analysis was worked out by Robert Ascher based on research on a Zuma Creek, California, mound. During the Zuma fieldwork Ascher employed a screen to sort out materials taken by column sampling.

The local marriage came later and followed area custom. The ethnic group, the ayllu, and the couple all participated in the process, so that what appeared to be a system tightly controlled by the state was in fact relatively free. At the same time that the betrothal took place, the state chose exceptional young women for religious service and as wives for the Inca and the curacas. The age of the specially selected young women was approximately 12. Three years of instruction followed before they married or entered temple service.

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