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By Bill Schutt

"A witty, scientifically actual, and sometimes intensely creepy exploration of sanguivorous creatures."
San Francisco Chronicle

For centuries, blood feeders have inhabited our nightmares and horror tales, in addition to the shadowy nation-states of medical wisdom. In Dark Banquet, zoologist invoice Schutt takes us on a desirable voyage into the realm of a few of nature’s strangest creatures–the sanguivores. utilizing a pointy eye and mordant wit, Schutt makes a remarkably persuasive case that blood feeders, from bats to bedbugs, are as deserving of our interest as hotter and fuzzier species are–and that lots of them are even valuable of conservation.

Enlightening and alarming, Dark Banquet friends right into a a part of the wildlife to which we're, via our blood, inextricably linked.

"Dark Banquet is an awesome account of all these creatures that almost all folks think of particularly creepy! yet writer invoice Schutt doesn’t, and really embraces those critters and their bloodthirsty existence. It’s nice to determine such remarkable animal examine in a reader-friendly shape. After completing the booklet, you’ll have much to debate at your subsequent dinner party!"
—Jack Hanna, director emeritus, Columbus Zoo, and host of television’s Emmy Award—winning sequence Into the Wild

"[A] passionate safeguard of bloodsuckers from the leech to the candiru."

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I looked over at Farouk, who nodded and motioned toward the stairwell. “We’d better get going, Bill. ” “Second that,” Janet said. I turned to say something to my wife, but she was already moving toward the exit. “Right,” I said, following the beam from Janet’s headlamp as she sought the comfort of sunlight. Like nectarivory, blood feeding in bats is another highly specialized lifestyle, but there is little or no convergence between birds and bats, in all likelihood because there’s no competition between the two groups.

Sleeping with the Enemy 8. Of Mites and Men 9. Candiru: with a Capital C and That Rhymes with P 10. A Tough Way to Make a Living Notes Selected Bibliography Acknowledgments Copyright For Marie Grace Schutt and William A. Schutt Sr. …and all my Aunt Roses I know that our late King, though not apt to believe more than his neighbours, had no doubt of the existence of vampires and their banquets on the dead. —Horace Walpole, commenting in a letter on the beliefs of King George II The blood is the life.

It was my third trip to Trinidad and I’d come for the same reason each time: to study vampire bats, arguably the most highly specialized of all living mammals. Feeding solely on blood, vampires make up a tiny fraction of the order Chiroptera (only three out of the eleven hundred bat species). But even among this exclusive group, Diaemus youngi, the white-winged vampire bat is special. Far more rare than Desmodus rotundus, the aptly named common vampire bat, Diaemus is an arboreal hunter—feeding primarily on birds and currently subsisting almost exclusively on the blood of domestic poultry.

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