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B) Jelui imagine de nobles qualites. ) (c) *Je lui imagine qu'il a de nob les qualites. (a) Je prevois qu'il aura un bel avenir. ) (b) Jelui prevois un bel avenir. (c) *Je lui prevois qu'il aura un bel avenir. It follows that, with some of these verbs, such as promettre or predire, the double object construction will be ambiguous, the difference in meaning between the two readings being somewhat subtle. Thus, in (4) (b), lui can be understood as being, or not being, the receiver of the promise (compare je te pramets des ennuis, je te pramets qu 'il aura des ennuis)4 .

Crossing the Boundaries in Linguistics, 23-49. Copyright © 1981 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. 24 NICOLAS RUWET (proc1aim), promettre (promise), reconnaître (recognize, acknowledge), refuser (refuse), souhaiter (wish), soup((onner (suspect), subodorer (suspect), supposer (suppose), trouver (find), voir (see), vouloir (want), etc. Several, but not aU, of these verbs, can cooccur with both an indirect object and a fuU finite sentential complement; contrast (4)-(5) with (6)-(7): (4) (5) (6) (7) (a) Je promets qu'il aura des ennuis.

B) Ma concierge a reconnu que ces ouvriers ont/ avaient le droit de greve. Thirdly, notice that (18) is a natural continuation to (17) (a), but not to (17)(b): (17) (18) (a) rai decouvert une seule solution â ce probleme. ) (b) rai decouvert que ce probleme a/avait une seule solution. ) , mais il en a peut-etre d'autres. ( ... ) The reason for this is that (17) (b) implies the truth of its complement sentence, while nothing of the sort holds for (17) (a). Similarly, (19) (a) is a paraphrase neither of (19) (b) nor of (19) (c), none of which makes much sense anyway: (19) (a) Je lui trouve chaque jour de nouvelles qualites, â ce livre.

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