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A strong high-tech corporation. A postcard-pretty  company city. households. young ones. Sunshine.  Happiness. A highschool soccer group that never-ever  loses. And whatever else. whatever terrible ...  Now, there's a new kinfolk on the town. A shy,  nature-loving youngster. a brand new native land. a brand new set of  bullies. might be the team's activities health facility may also help him.  Rebuild him. they might not damage him back. They won't  dare.

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I can see that I’ve got a son that’s a wimp and a misfit, who has a mother who lets him get away with it. Christ! Spending all his time with a camera and a bunch of rabbits and half-dead birds! ” Sharon made no attempt to keep the anger out of her voice as she finished the familiar litany. “And your father was a drunk who whipped you and your mother for anything he could think of, and a lot of things he couldn’t! Is that what you want for Mark? ” “That wasn’t it at all,” Blake protested. But of course that was exactly it, and he knew it as well as Sharon did.

And the more he considered it, the more he liked the idea. It wasn’t just the rabbits, and Chivas. It was the birds out in the flats by the bay, too. As long as he could remember, he’d liked to go out there by himself, to wander around the marsh and watch the birds. Every year he’d waited patiently for the migrations, then watched as some of the flocks passed by while others came down to nest in the marshes and tidal flats, raising their young during the summer, then moving on again. A couple of years ago his mother had given him a camera for Christmas, and soon he’d begun photographing the birds.

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